Basque coalition EH Bildu wants to denounce, first and foremost, the Coup attempt that took place in Turkey on the night of the 15th July 2016.

We subscribe HDP's opinion about the need for Turkey to “embrace a pluralist and liberal democracy, domestic and external peace, universal democratic values and conventions.” And a Military coup doesn't seem the way to achieve those objectives.

However, we would like to warn against the use of this Coup attempt to white wash Mr Erdogan's actions and role in the current situation, both in Turkey and beyond.

As our coalition has denounced in the past Mr Erdogan and his Government are responsible for the oppression of Kurdish people and the cruel repression launched against civil population in Kurdish areas, as well as the collapse of the peace process.

Over the last months we have witnessed a major attack on civil rights and Freedom of Speech, including prosecution of lawyers, journalists and academics.
Erdogan and his government have also played a very negative role in the situation in Syria and the refugee crisis, both by action and omission.

Therefore, we denounce the coup attempt, but we warn against any whitewashing of Erdogan's Government and its current policy, the only solution is democratic politics!