It is widely believed that we are the most trained youth ever; nevertheless, we are suffering the most severe precariousness ever. We were meant to be the youth with best living standards ever, surrounded by plenty of promising opportunities. However, we are facing the most alarming decade of the last times.

In this new era, we are facing the poverty our parents had to put up with. The youth of the 21st century is on the way to falling into the depths of precariousness and uncertainty due to the capitalist wars, just in the same way military wars impoverished society in the past. As the time goes by, we find ourselves deep into this system that accentuates such precariousness.

As the different crises have shown up, our living standards and welfare have diminished significantly. A speculation based system has led us to this situation and this can be easily seen by the example of the real estate crisis, which has made it impossible to become emancipated. Getting a job and becoming a precarious worker seems to be a huge privilege nowadays and even so, it is increasingly difficult to make a decent living.

Therefore, with these precarious wages, it is nigh impossible to make ends meet and becoming emancipated has become a mere dream. Consequently, we have trouble enjoying leisure time and making social relationships and at the same time, the fear of confronting such exploitation has come out on top. We are surviving this situation thanks to the financial support of our parents and the informal networks of mutual support we have created in order to empathize with other people suffering from this precariousness.

Taking for granted that this capitalist system is not going to provide us with good opportunities for the future, we have to fight hard against these measures, as we have been doing during the last years; and not only in order to transform an unviable system which has been created apparently to deal with the economic crisis but to deal with a process that began many years ago, which has now accelerated its rhythm taking the economic crisis as an excuse.

In fact, we have to lead the dismantling of a process created by an alleged state of well - being which was really delighted by the wild capitalism; a process whose goal is to be at the service of multinational companies, financial institutions and speculators, instead of fulfilling the needs of the citizens. The reforms that have taken place in the last years make such claim clear. TTIP, CETA, TISA and other trade pacts are just one more step towards this system and at the same time are so significant: under the pretext of creating a free market with the US and Canada, arguing that it will be a great benefit for citizens, the real claim is to suppress the social and political rights achieved as a result of many years of struggle by workers.

The number of people in living below the poverty line has increased during the last years in Europe and it is not about people who do not have a job or have a lack of education. In fact, it is about young graduates who live in precarious conditions in their countries or have almost been forced to go abroad to start seeking better opportunities, since our society does not provide us with the opportunities we have worked hard for, the opportunities we deserve.

Regarding the environment, the same process is going on: on the one hand, it is supposed to be protected by agreements like the one signed in Paris against the global warming and the climate change; on the other hand, the reduction of protection measures all over Europe is being promoted by CETA and other similar pacts. As we can conclude regarding the instance of the “Fracking” or the transgenic, the economic interests are in all cases above nature and the human being.

Being aware of the recent success of the far right parties, the commitment of today´s youth is to upgrade the economic and social model starting from scratch, facing the ones who aim to trade and do business with our lives. This can be achieved by the co-working, by the creation of local networks and with citizen participation: little by little, from the beginning and above all, from the left.

In fact, all of us here are common people working towards the same goal: serving the people.

Gernika-Lumo (Basque Country), 02/12/2016.