The Turkish state has attacked once again the Congress of Women of Kurdistan (Kongreya Hinen Azad). Turkish police entered the headquarters of the organization, taken political documents and arrested several of its representatives. EH Bildu wants to denounce the persecution subjected the Turkish state against women of Kurdistan and wishes to express its total solidarity with the Kurdish people in general.

We consider important to stress the daily work carried out by Kurdish women in the struggle for the liberation of the people. Both at institutional and at the level of street fighting, Kurdish women have great quantitative and qualitative presence, which gives a particular character to the struggle of the Kurdish people. That is the main reason that Kurdish women and their organizations have to face with. .

The system of co-charges established by the HDP might help to the visibility of women in the struggle of everyday life. According to the system that the HDP has established, all internal or public representatives must be twofold: one is occupied by a woman and the other by a man.